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I'm Going Home, The Long Way Round.
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Hello, you’ve reached Lauren’s archive of her beloved Eleventh Doctor’s adventures. You can read it all from the beginning or just scroll on through to see our random adventures. She’s sorry if you wanted to roleplay with her, but she’s no longer going to be roleplaying the Doctor. You can find her to other blogs by clicking here. See you on the other side!

Maybe I'll have to drag you around with me one day and we'll get ice cream. You can try all the cool things.


          “I am not opposed.”

I love vanilla but with strawberry stuff drizzled all over it. Also there's like this fruity flavor it's usually blue I like that flavor it's delicious.


          “That sounds very cool. I should try it some time.”

What's your favorite flavor ice cream?


          “I’m not sure. What’s your favourite ice cream, Nonnie?”

<3 [from Amy account, obvs]

          “I already knew that.”


"Thank you for the excourse into kitchen psychology." He grimaced. "I might take it back again."


          “You’re welcome. But there’s no need to take it back.”


"Do you have to make it worse?”


          “Well, it’s only bad if you want it to be.”

He narrowed his eyes, obviously not enjoying that he was forced to say it. “I think that’s what they call it, yes.”

         “You’re giving me a valentine?

[apsychiatristsfieldday] With a slightly awkward gesture, he hands the Doctor a double-heart-shaped card and mumbles something about human traditions.

          “Is this a valentine?”



Well, now Alfred had gotten himself into a tight spot.  How should he explain this?

"Um, where I’m from, you’re famous!"

There, that should work.   …Right?


          “Where’re you from?”

"You have two options, or you be my valentine, or you divorce."

          “I would gladly be your valentine even without the threat of divorce.”


"I’m joking, my love.." 

She cuddles him.


"Do you wanna have sex?·

          “Not today…”


Alfred’s eyes widen even more.  The boy let out a high-pitched scream of excitement and latched on to the poor alien’s leg.

"It really is you!”


          “Oh…” The Doctor was taken aback and he just kind of awkwardly stared at the boy now attached to his leg, “You’ve heard of me before?”


"And bad at sex as well.."


"But I love you anyways.."

          “That was rude…”

          “I love you, too.”

Fading to dust


          “No! Not again… Clara, you can’t be    No, no, no. I didn’t save you and I’m so, so sorry…”